Screen Shots & Quick Start (Android)

Start in LifeStyle Tab, choose marital status etc & then press 'Self'



Now enter your annual income - check your paylip & if paid monthly then enter your gross monthly income by 12 and enter it in Self tab. If single continue on to Results tab:



Results tab shows you.... the calculation results:



You're done! You can go back of course to the Self tab and enter a pension and other details - see the screen shots further down and use the help buttons on the phone application. But first if you want to understand how the above results are arrived at then you can use's bigger sibling on a desktop or laptop by visiting

Just enter the same data and you'll see the Results tab of matches the one in



Now click the Details tab and click and expand any item to see how the calculation is done.


--- Some more screen shots showing pension data entry and context sensitive help ---

'?' buttons will show you context sensitive help, you can then also choose additional online help for more info. If you choose 'More Help Online' button the phone's browser is launched to show you the additional help. When done just press the phone's back key and you are back in the calculator where you left it:



All fields under a tab can be reset:



Enter pension as an annual amount instead of a percentage:



Then enter the amount



And result tab now shows the pension amount which is used in the calculation: